Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ways to Remember

I know from my own experience, and talking to countless other mommies that acknowledgement is sometimes all we need. Many people fear that mentioning something will only bring up pain, but that is not true! I feel so proud when someone randomly says something about my little Hudson!

I'm positive that I am not only speaking for myself here, but also for the other moms who wish desperately to hold and know their children.

 Even if you don't know what to say to that person who's just experienced loss, not saying anything speaks loud and clear and hurts worse. Just make a simple acknowledgement. You truly don't know how much that will mean.

I've compiled a list of some things that Brady, Dawson and I have done to daily remember Hudson. This list also includes several things that others have done or gotten for us. Please take these ideas and run with them. For you family members and friends that are searching for a way to provide comfort, many of the items on this list you can do!

  • Include a framed writing of your baby's name and birthdate/due date with the rest of your   family photos.
  • Donate to a local charity on behalf of your baby.
  • Buy Christmas presents for an under privileged child in honor of your baby. Feel free to search for a child that would be about the same age as your baby or the same gender.
  • Write letters to your baby.
  •  Create a photo album. You may have very few pictures, but you can include anything that reminds you of your pregnancy or baby.
  • Hang up a Christmas stocking for your baby with the rest of the family's. Add a note/letter to it every year. Brady and I actually took Hudson's stocking and letters to his grave and read them aloud.
  • Make or purchase a special Christmas ornament to represent your baby.
  • Fill out a baby book. There are actually baby books designed for angel babies. Just do a Google search for "baby books for angel babies". There are many to chose from!
  • Openly talk with your other children (if you have them) about their brother or sister. Every time we pass by a cemetery Dawson will say "Hi Hudson". Anytime Heaven is mentioned, he reminds me that Hudson lives there. Your kids are never too young to learn about their siblings.

Please share with us, what have you done in memory of your baby?


  1. I love all of your ideas Misty! I totally agree that having family and friends never mention my baby hurts alot more than talking about him/her. Because of this I will try my hardest to talk to other mommies about their loss when I meet someone that this has happened to. I love reading your blogs and wish there were more people like you who could be so open! :-)

  2. Good for you, Stacey! When you know the pain personally, you tend to know just what the other person will need. Keep talking about those babies!! Though, I simply ramble a lot, thank you for keeping up with the blog.

  3. how do I get one of these bracelets and how much are they?

    1. If you can, email me the specifics of what you like I can mail one to you. I don't charge for the bracelets, only take donations when people feel led to give. Email me at Thank you!