I wanted to tell you how much Hudson's bands of hope meant to me!
Thank you so much for caring! ...With both of my miscarriages, I was sad but I knew it was all in Gods plans and totally in his hands. I know he has a plan for everyone and your card along with the prayer on the back and bracelet made me feel so much better! I truly thought I had prayed and I knew God had it all under control, but when I read your prayer it was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! Thank you so much for caring for me and for all those other women out there who have lost or miscarried.
 - Momma to 2 angel babies

"The Joy and Excitement of finding out you are going to have a baby!" We were so excited our family was going to go from 3 to 4. The excitement of picking out names, nursery decorations and clothes.  At 14 weeks I started spotting and having some light cramping. I went to see my doc the following day.  As I waited to do my ultrasound I prayed and begged God to let everything be ok, but God had a different plan. Our little boy, who we named Braxton Kyle had gone to be with Jesus. My heart felt like it had been shattered into millions of pieces. We had never felt such pain and sadness. Those next few days felt like a blur as we laid our little boy to rest. But God never left our side, giving us strength, hope and encouragement through those hard days that followed.  At the hospital I received a very special bracelet from "Hudson's Bands Of Hope." As I opened the cloth pouch my eyes filled with tears and I wept. I couldn't believe that someone had taken the time to make something so special for me. My bracelet is very special to me I didn't take it off for the first 3 weeks. It was like I had a little piece of Braxton with me. I wear it in reminder to what I've lost, "My Little Boy", but also for what I've gained having a Angel in Heaven to meet me when I get there. I love you Braxton!  I want to Thank Misty Howell for all she has done and given, helping other women in their time of loss. 
  - Esther Graber


"What you are doing with these bracelets is like throwing a life preserver to a drowning person.  I know it has only been 4 days since my grand-baby went to be with the Lord, but my daughter is getting so much strength from the bracelet, but more from the women she knows that support your efforts and have walked in her shoes."
  - A Grieving Grandma


I am 32 years old and have 3 children.  My husband and I have been trying for baby #4… On April 13th, 2013 I got the positive pregnancy test! I was SO excited! I told my husband, my mom, my in-laws and a few other family members. We decided to wait to tell everyone else until the first trimester was over. At week 11 I was flying out to a family wedding and decided that was close enough to week 12 to go ahead and tell EVERYONE! I took a picture with my oldest and my youngest each holding a sign saying "MOMMY" and "IS" and then my middle son was holding a jar of "PREGGO" spaghetti sauce. It was pretty darn cute and everyone loved it! Six days later around 9pm I was going to the bathroom before bed and when I wiped there was blood on my toilet paper. I instantly felt fear because this had never happened with any of my other 3 pregnancies. It was not a lot of blood but it was a little every time I wiped the rest of the night. By morning I knew something was not right...I called my doctor and got in to see the nurse practitioner right away. I had a scheduled appointment to see the doctor the following week to hear the heart beat for the first time. At that point I had never heard the heartbeat. The nurse asked me a bunch of questions and then got her doppler to check for the heart beat. After checking for a few minutes the nurse decided to have an ultrasound done. I continued to pray harder than I had ever prayed before that this was just normal and that everything would be ok. I even let my mind go as far as telling myself that this bleeding was normal with this pregnancy because I was having a girl...and girls liked to make things difficult for their mommies :) My husband and I walked back to the ultrasound room with the tech. She started the ultrasound and stated she would need to do a vaginal ultrasound also because the baby was pretty low still...but first she would get the measurements she needed from on top of my belly. I could see my tiny little baby, arms, legs, head, body. Just like I had with every other baby. When she hit the button to start listening for a heart beat...I knew what she was doing. There was just a sad straight lined hum....that's it....she quickly moved to something else. She then said we would try the vaginal ultrasound. At that point she made sure I couldn't see the screen anymore. After what seemed like 10 minutes, she asked for the doctor on call to come to the room. He had to be the one to tell me officially. "Well it's not good news"..."there is no heart beat"..."blah, blah blah, blah"..."do you want to see the screen?" And that's when it all began. I, Stacey Lee Ring, have lost my baby. I had a baby living inside my body, and now that baby was not alive. I left the hospital to go back to the office to talk to the doctor... she first told me that the baby was only measuring 9 weeks, which means my sweet little baby didn't have a heart beat for 3 weeks...I decided I wanted to have a D&C right away... I couldn't even imagine going home to pass the baby on my own. It was around 1pm at that time and I had the D&C around 8pm. All the hours in between were filled with shock, tears, and trying to tell all my loved ones that I would not be having a baby on December 20th as planned. I had to try and explain to a 6 year old and  3 year old that mommy had to go to the hospital and that their baby brother or sister was not alive in my belly anymore. But still at that point I was doing ok...I have never been in shock before...but I know for sure that is what it was. I got to the hospital, answered all the questions from my 2 nurses and just waited. My husband was right by my side and was incredibly sweet and caring. Not only did I just lose my baby but now I had to have surgery. I had to be put under anesthesia with a breathing tube. None of which I had experienced before. It was rough but I made it through. The next morning I woke up to my 1yr old calling me from his crib just like any other morning. I went and got him and started our daily grind of diaper changes and breakfast. I knew I wasn't pregnant anymore but didn't have time to process it. Anytime I got 2 seconds alone I cried and thought about how I would not be having a baby in 6 months...it was so hard to process. I went to go get something in my purse and  found a gift bag and a card. I sat down and read the card first and then opened the bag to find the most beautiful and perfect bracelet. I just can't even explain how much I needed this bracelet...it is such a wonderful idea! I never would have thought I could find so much comfort in looking at two little foot prints. The fact that Misty has thought to do something so wonderful with all the grief she has experienced just goes to show what an awesome God we have! God bless you, Misty and all the sweet people who have helped you put together such an awesome program! I would love to talk with anyone who wants or needs to talk about their experience. My email is ringstacey@gmail. com.
  - Stacey Ring

"I am so very thankful for what you are doing. Words cannot describe how thankful I am.
 …I had been wanting to get a necklace or bracelet for him to have something to remember him by. It hurt to think I was going in to the hospital with a baby in my belly and leaving without on in my belly or arms. L When I woke up from it all I was in complete shock when the nurse gave me your envelope. It meant so much to me that you took the time out to make this bracelet and beautiful letter and then to bless it to someone that you didn’t even know. I love everything about it! I had it on my wrist with the chain hanging into my hand as I walked out. I held it as I would one of my other children hands. It was like Josiah was right there with us. When I got home and showed our children that mommy was ok and Josiah had gone to be with Jesus and that a wonderful lady had given us this bracelet they were excited to see it also. My son told me that the footprints got there cause before they took Josiah away the stamped his feet there so we could have them. And I didn’t have the heart to tell him any differently.  I catch them rubbing the feet charm kissing the bracelet and saying I love you Josiah!
 …The bracelet has not only helped me with the grieving but my babies! It’s also a reminder to our family members to help them not forget him.  So again I cannot say thank you enough! Thank you for listening to God and not being afraid to step out and do this for other women who are grieving! It means so much!!
 -A mother of four




  1. A wonderful friend of mine that I don't see very often stopped by my house tonight. She saw a post of mine remembering our twin boys we lost to a disease called TTTS. I posted it on Oct. 15 in memory of them and infant loss remembrance day.
    She stopped by to let me know she thought of us and brought me a beautiful bracelet
    made by you. It is so special. not only because of the bracelet but also because I know you understand and have love and special thoughts when you make these. Also because of your special angel Hudson. What a wonderful gift of a bracelet, remembering so many babies and honoring your own precious little boy.
    Thank you so very much. Chris

  2. Just got our news today. Hurting so badly as we've waited 11 years to have a little one. So thankful for this ministry and the comfort and peace it brings.