About the Bracelets

A few weeks before Hudson's due date I made a list of ideas for Brady and me to do that day. About half way down my list I wrote, "Do something to help others." In that moment my mind immediately took me back to those early days after we had Hudson. My heart leaped as I remembered my hospital band. Being wheeled away from a labor and delivery floor to go home empty handed is a terrible feeling. I had carried a baby, I had given birth, and I had nothing tangible to show for it. I didn't take my hospital band off for several days. It was the only visible reminder of my baby. It was all I had as I walked through those days following Hudson's delivery that said "I am a mommy who just had a baby." It wasn't until my mom gave me a charm bracelet with two little blue footprints on it that I was able to remove my tattered hospital band.

God has now given me the desire to do this for other women who must leave the hospital without their baby. I want each of them to walk away with something tangible and heartfelt to honor their child's life.

Who makes the bracelets?
Each bracelet is lovingly put together by moms who have had a pregnancy loss themselves or women who have been impacted by a loss. Healing isn't just for those who receive the bracelets, but also for moms that can assemble the bracelets in honor of their baby and know that they are helping another hurting person.

What do the bracelets look like?
Each bracelet has a heart charm adorned with little footprints surrounded by either pink, blue, or clear beads to represent the baby's gender. We can also make custom bracelets to accommodate those with a loss of multiples or those who have had multiple losses.