Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Blessed are Those who Mourn"

It is true. You are blessed because you mourn. Don't get me wrong, the reason that you mourn may not be a blessing. The fact the you mourn makes you blessed. God says so in the book of Matthew, chapter 5 verse 4.
"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."
I find a bit of comfort just in knowing that I will be comforted. God is our comfort.

This past Sunday at church our pastor spoke from this verse. I must say, I loved every moment of it. Not because it was an incredibly cheery sermon, but because so much of it is what my heart, and I trust yours too, longs to hear.

Contrary to many people's words, actions or awkward comments, grief is normal and it is OK. It is necessary. Doesn't that make it seem a little bit easier to grieve? I've never felt like I had to hide my grief around those that accept it, or better yet, understand it! However, those who are uncomfortable with it, I hide it. I bury it behind fake smiles and head nods so they don't see. It is then that the grief takes deeper roots and sets up camp in a more unhealthy way.

Be encouraged, if you are grieving a loss, just grieve and mourn. Don't let anyone try to fix it or take it from you. While not everyone understand the way you feel, you can know that our God, the God of all comfort understands. He has given you tears to cry and a heart that can feel pain. He sees every tear that falls and He understands.

Please, check out this sermon. I am sure it will encourage you. I am especially partial to it because my pastor shares a little bit about Hudson's Bands of Hope at the end!

Just click below and then click on the link to your right.

Allow me to sit with you and cry a tear or two.

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