Sunday, February 1, 2015

Due date

If you know me really well you know that my brain has a built in calendar. Remembering important dates, or just semi-important dates, or even completely random and unimportant dates comes rather easily for me.
For instance, all of my babies were actually born before their due dates, but those dates are still etched permanently into my mind. The anniversaries of May 12, 2011, and January 22, 2014 always take my mind to fond thoughts of all the anticipation I felt, and brand new baby I was just learning about.

The anniversary of February 1, 2013 takes me to a different place though. That was Hudson’s due date and today I’m there… in that place of swirling memories.
Hudson’s due date is so special to me because it was the day that I walked onto the Birthing Center hall for the first time following Hudson’s delivery 3 months prior. It was a painful but purposeful journey because what I held in my hand in that moment was the launching pad to fulfilling Hudson’s mission here on Earth.


This bracelet was given by the nurses on that floor to a hurting mother who days before had just delivered her own angel baby. I did not know this mom. I did not know her baby, but I know that Hudson’s life touched hers that day.
For 5 precious months I looked forward to February 1st, 2013 and to say I was grief-stricken without my baby boy in my arms on that day would be an understatement, but there’s something amazing in it all…

Even though Hudson never entered this world on February 1st,2013 he did leave a big mark that day.
The first of many, and I must say how grateful I am that the emptiness of my arms has helped to fill a portion of the hole in the hearts of so many others!

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