Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Little things, big blessings

My life seeps with abundance.  I don’t even know the words to use to adequately thank God for all He’s given me but my heart feels the weight of the thankfulness.

I’m sure my one bath home is the only one on the street without a flat screen TV inside. The car sitting in the garage is the same one my parents gave me for my high school graduation many moons ago. Pedicures rarely happen. The only diamonds I own are in my wedding ring and the pair of studs my ears carry around. I don’t have an i-anything and actually find little use in the only smart phone I’ve ever owned that was purchased just 4 months ago.
But, I’ve been richly blessed.

As I consider all that God has given me (and allowed to be taken) I stand in amazement. I’m in awe of what He has allowed me, ME of all people, to have. There are the days though, where shallow thinking corrupts this heart and I find myself discontent with life and that which surrounds me.
I must be careful. Those are the times that I’m telling God – not with words – that what He has chosen for me isn’t enough. If I focus on what I don’t have I’ll never be able to appreciate what I do have. I’ll never find true joy in the priceless gifts that make my heart complete.

As I go through the list of "thanks" and try to tell how grateful I am for my husband and two kids here with me I always, always thank Him for Hudson. I consider myself blessed to have Hudson. God chose me to be his mommy. I of course would’ve made a few different choices about how long I could have him on the Earth, but I’m thankful I have him even if we’re apart.
The more hindsight I have the easier it is to rejoice in life’s blessings… and rejoice in life’s trials. Today I am thankful for both. I am thankful to God for letting this girl live life with such abundance.

 “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…”  
             -James 1:17
“…giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
             -Ephesians 5:20
“That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of your wondrous works.”

             -Pslam 26:7

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